Tuesday, February 10, 2009

STAY in the VILLAGE and ENJOY as if you are IN YOUR HOME

ENJOY the field walk and feel it is yours..
get guidance and do your rituals yourself.. let t be pooja / prayer / etc.

ENJOY cooking.. Oh. yes.. be part of the LIFE in Kitchen too

Take a walk across the VILLAGE river - streams

ENJOY VILLAGE view and a walk across the field

Casual meeting and a sathsang over the eve on variety of topics

A long drive ..

use the car as yours..

LIBRARY and TV -- the house is full for your activities..

Monday, February 9, 2009


You need a home in kerala..
stay with us in village atmosphere
feel that you are at your home..

at locations close to temples / places of interest - tourism

want to be alone from the life in cities..?

want to be all alone yourself.?

want to be with some one who will share your feelings?

Be with Dr T P Sasikumar

want to enjoy the kerala village?

want to have sathsang / meetings/conference/workshops?

learn yoga / meditation /



enjoy the local rhythm

see the local life?

live in the kerala village?



be with us..

Dr T P Sasikumar