Monday, November 15, 2010

KERALA - Regeneration / Rebuilding DREAM..

KERALA Regeneration / Rebuilding KALARI

Plan is to get the best link of people with social commitment

(Non-political, non-religious people, who are seniors are rare !!)

YOUNG who are not active in these cast/political/corruption life...

Get them in the local regeneration activity.

take 8th class brighter ones in the village.

gather them on holidays to educate them the best of all in the world.

use electronic / net / computer support..

financial support from the local resources / rich man's contributions from local.

pay good for the youth in the local for the support / time they are on this.

8th class is the icon

9th to 12th can be the shadow icon

b next five years we would have the good group of volunteers in Kerala

every village / panchayath must have the best educated

who shall be leaders / all India service / teachers / judicial / all walks of life like this...

educational / value based / social commitment / ..

bright brains shall build Kerala by next 15 years..

Sample Project in Home State : Kerala Vision – 2020

2011 – Create - ICON- Youth Skill Development Centers.

Central Secretariat : Central Kerala / TRICHUR


Class room / Office / Computer Connected with Internet. PAS and a Projector . Full Time (24 hours) single Manager Staff (paid Rs.10,000 per month). Funded by local resource. Manager shall be selected / trained / posted / governed by ICON Central Secretariat.

Advisory Board / Resource Board

20 Member, who are not office bearers of any Politics / Religious Group. Social Commitment in heart. These are the one who will drive the fund required to run the activity. Support the infrastructure development etc.


Young / Energetic one who have commitment towards the vision. Trained by ICON-TP. Locally identified youth shall be trained at Sobha for unpating E-learning / multimedia and provide/share the digital learning aids.


Selected 100 students of 8th class, who are called ICON students. 50:50 is boys : girls.

ICON-Shadow will be the sessions for the 9th to 12tgh class for the next few years to patch-up the gap in service.

ICON students will not go for any other sessions when ICON program is in action. ATTENDANCE is 95 % for the next year / continuous participation eligibility.

Paid and unpaid 50:50, Merit + Income is the criteria for the non-paid scheme.

Selection will be with a entrance / aptitude test / interview / test conducted with a clean vision.


holidays / evenings / without disturbing the class sessions will be conducted with lot of activity / tour, interaction with professionals etc…

Learning Beyond Limits is the mission. Encourage to ask questions and create a creative thinking group on INDIA Development.


FIDCO – Future India Developmental Council + SHIKSHA I2A2S2L2 implementation

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