Saturday, September 3, 2011

HEART - an old dream


(Heritage Eternal All-age Resort, Register No……………..)

At Nagaram Village (4 Kms from Bolarum, 6 Kms from Kushaiaguda, 13 Kms from Secunderabad) in a 12-Acre Panoramic land is the HEART being planned.

Governed by a national registered trust, for the service.

A Heritage Center, Activities Guided by Dr T P SASIKUMAR

Lessons on Science of Living

Vegetarian Food including the Vedic Food based on the traditional prescription

Eternal Concept of Energy handled by SEEDLING (Spiritual & Esoteric Energy Dowsing & heaLING, Secunderabad) from Dr T P SASIKUMAR

Residential Holiday / Week-end Cottages for all ages (Kids, Girls, Boys, Family, Old) (constructed in heritage style, without furniture like COT etc.).

Prayer / Meditation / Yoga Hall (covered by white clothes only, no roofing, no walls, shaded by herbal plants and trees).

Play ground (all the facilities and coaches are planned).

Health Treatment / Massage Center to provide the traditional treatment.

Counseling for Good-living (for the Kids, Family, Old-age)

Library with large collection of books on humanity, periodicals, and separate Kids Section.

Swimming pool on a lifted terrain giving a natural running water effect.

Though mixing with the community is planned, facility is provided for privacy.

You can be creative and part of us (in building the facility, parting your knowledge, constructive participation of any kind)

Venue for the talented (your kids with dance, music, drama, etc. or painting etc.)

Kids Club (with activities on Specific Subject wise / activity wise / GK etc.)

Enjoy the nature with the animals in the garden in the hurly-burly.

Expansion plan to create a Residentail School, Old Age Home, Orphanage etc.

To Join Us / To Avail the Facilities

You need to understand us / see the facility.

Join us through recommendations / introduction by friends / relatives. Forms will be available through private circulation / visit at HEART.

You can be a Family / Individual member, for each member at a rate Rs.5000/= as deposit for lifetime membership of HEART. Multiple deposits carry multiple facilities.

Returnable deposit does not carry interest and can be withdrawn with one-month notice.

Non-returnable deposit will carry an interest rate of 10% and will get adjusted in the bills at the HEART.

All the facility is FREE for the members, including the food.

Each member is allowed to bring 25 guests per year. The cards will be issued on every first visit on the calendar year at HEART.

Each member can enjoy five days stay in the cottage as per the advanced booking and availability. For Rs.10,000/= deposit, 10 days stay is free.

One member could nominate / authorize the facility for a non-member for the stay on half concession. (Present stay is charged Rs.2000/= for a day).

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